Feng Shui Audit will help you to customise the energy of Your living or working space in a beneficial way.
With the help of Feng Shui, it is possible to know the energy of Your space and to improve it.

What affects Your Feng Shui:

  • Place where you live
  • Outside streets and roads
  • Buildings and edifices
  • Wind rose
  • Architecture and design
  • Layout of the premise
  • The arrangement of furniture
  • Color scheme
  • Hidden energy and the flow of Qi

After the assessment of the premise, we proceed to the calculation of the special Feng Shui formulas.
We determine the energy of Your home or business place, and make adjustments to improve Your life.

What can be improved during Feng Shui consultation:

  • Harmonising energy of the space
  • Minimizing the influence of hidden negative energies
  • Enhancing the effects of a beneficial flow of Qi
  • Inviting good opportunities in life and business

The consultation is conducted by MILANA MINAEVA — the first exclusive certified specialist in Russia, who received the title of Master Feng Shui from the world-famous Chinese Master Feng Shui Joseph Yu.
Milana had implemented many Feng Shui projects: apartments, houses and business enterprises in many cities of Russia, as well as in other countries — USA, Germany, Japan, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia.

WhatsApp: +7 909 939 8888

Email: info@milanafengshui.com